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Aug 10Roger Kohl

Progress, Focus and Goals

Aug 10Roger Kohl

I certainly didn’t invent the concept of the importance of goal clarification and writing them down, but are we doing that? For those we lead? Achieving even small goals uplifts. A worthwhile read supporting that position is The Progress Principle whose authors compiled some very comprehensive research on the subject.

Goal Clarification, Support – including valuing their support and their views and Autonomy were the common denominators of each successful turnaround I’ve contributed. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal.

As CEOs you don’t often have the luxury of small goals – What are they?

Cash? Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 3 of 4 small businesses are feeling the credit crunch. Nothing – is more distracting then feeling the “cash squeeze” unless it’s the unforeseen crunch. There are remedies even if earnings have slipped, equity perhaps not positive. If you don’t have minimally, cash flow projections a full quarter out, it’s difficult to escape the “daily demons” and stay focused on business development.

Something else?

Not all the initiatives of the turnarounds I’ve been a key player were mine, few of the ideas were particularly cerebral, all those ideas needed was a champion, someone to step up, take responsibility and shepherd them through until the goal was achieved.


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