Month: February 2011

Family Businesses Catch a Big Break

Market Watch recently carried a great article about the ability of business owners contemplating exit to take advantage of the recently enhanced gift tax exemption. As the law currently exists, there is a narrow two year window to utilize this opportunity. The opportunities that business owners may have to save millions of dollars in taxes… Read more »

WSJ: Cashing Out Start-Ups Gets More Complicated

While this Wall Street Journal article describes the increasing use of escrows and earnouts in the sale of high-tech start-ups, the same is true of the sale of non-venture-backed companies. The author states, “Overall, two thirds of private companies that are acquired now go through post-closing purchase price adjustments.”

How to hire a milkshake, and why you should!

Professor Clay Christensen is a Professor at Harvard Business School and a classmate of mine. You may know him from his famous work on disruptive innovation, starting with The Innovator’s Dilemma, his first book a decade ago here. He has now turned his formidable intellect and research skills to marketing. This article describes his new… Read more »