Month: March 2011

Business Interruption Insurance

My friend Gene Killian is an insurance litigation attorney with The Killian Firm, P.C. He recently wrote a very good article about business interruption insurance (BI). One of his points was, “‘Consistent and reliable’ documentation. If you want to win on a BI claim, that’s the key.” He was talking about the books and records… Read more »

"Not having a CFO almost cost me my company."

“Not having a CFO almost cost me my company.” This quote is from a blog on the Chief Executive Boards International website and it really hits home. The well-written article by Terry Weaver goes on the explain the significant value a full-time or part-time Chief Financial Officer can bring to a business over and above… Read more »

Why Checking References Isn’t a Waste of Time

Jay Goltz is a business owner who blogs for The New York Times Small Business. He wrote a great article recently with some practical tips on how to get more valuable reference checks. Read the article here. His basic point isn’t whether or not to check references – that’s a no-brainer! – but practical tips… Read more »