Month: July 2011

Apple $76B, Treasury $74B and Waterloo

I’m not sure why I mentioned the cash reserves in the subject other than I’m amazed that our Treasury has lower cash reserves than a successful technology company and I’m advised  that when I Tweet this later, Tweets with #s are something  in the order of 10x more likely to be read or re-Tweeted.  The… Read more »

17 Countries have AAA Credit Ratings

Amidst all the debt ceiling, balanced budget, cut spending, increase revenue (when did raising taxes inherit the moniker “revenue”?), partisan backbiting and other wearisome matters I thought I might focus on some facts. There are 17  countries that S&P and Moody’s (the same folks who blessed Fannie & Freddie) have bestowed their highest AAA rating.… Read more »

Are You Paying Too Much for Space?

In a recent New York Times Small Business blog, the editors asked this question. They then listed some advice to figure out the answer: Be proactive. Get out in front of your lease so you have to time to create options. Start looking a year ahead if possible. Hire a real estate broker. A good… Read more »

Finding the Exit®

We’re at an interesting crossroad where 78 million or so baby boomers will be retiring over the next 12 to 15 years.  12+ million of these boomers own their own business.  Yet the younger generation isn’t stepping into these businesses nearly as often as day’s gone bye.  Likely 2/3rds or more of these businesses will… Read more »