Month: August 2011

What are you doing to enhance your Company’s value?

According to BIZCOMPS, Business Valuation’s data base of private company sales since 1995 only 5.7 percent of private businesses sold for more than $1 million. I’ve had some pretty good results turning around under-performing operations — I’m sure we can come up with something.

Finding the Exit® – Do you think pure coincidence?

I’ve read countless books, periodicals, journals, etc. on transition, buying and selling businesses, alternatives, strategy, due diligence, coaching, team, preparedness, taxes and the like, been involved in both buy and sell side sales, studied back to my University days. I’ve also spoken with quite a few SMB owners who have sold their business.  In my… Read more »

Preparing for a cash crunch

Earlier today Imagination Publishing posted a podcast interview with our founder and CEO Jerry Mills on preparing for a cash crunch.  So far the podcast is getting raves from the folks over at Wells Fargo. Three absolutely critical areas I’d like to amplify/expand: 1.  You must have timely, accurate cash flow reporting in place to… Read more »

Pivot Tables & Excel

Excel is a powerful tool. I have found PivotTable to be one of the most valuable capabilities in Excel for analyzing data. A significant new enhancement to PivotTable is PowerPivot particularly when data is in multiple databases/in different systems even from the web. PowerPivot is a free MS plugin not included in Office 2010. Click… Read more »