Month: September 2011

Best Record in Baseball – How do they fare in the World Series?

I love baseball!  Back in the day I’d watch every pitch of every game I could.  Anymore it’s rare I watch a full game — until the playoffs that are now upon us.  I still remember the days when the game was always played outdoors, in the sunshine and without any designated hitter.  Like it… Read more »

Thinking Out of the Box on Revenues

I recently read this news story about a business owner here in New Jersey that made an unusual decision to market his software product through resellers rather than direct to end-user customers. Read the whole article here. This has resulted in building a substantial and successful business, because the owner “thought out of the box”… Read more »

Tech Buzz – Tablets & Amazon Kindle Fire

A lot of the buzz lately is all about the cloud, SaaS, Tablets and the death of the PC – I think the last a bit premature. Earlier today Amazon announced the release (November 15) of their entry into the tablet arena the Kindle Fire that’s very competitively priced at $199. It will be interesting… Read more »

The Most Expensive Tickets in the 4 Major Sports

Not surprisingly 4 out of the top 5 most expensive average ticket prices are from the NFL with their fewer number of games and comparatively larger rosters.  Market size and team success impacts prices as well. Top 5 Overall 5. Dallas Cowboys $210 4. Green Bay Packers $230 3. Chicago Bears $234 2. Los Angeles… Read more »

Top 10 most / least stolen vehicles

According to CarBuzz: Most likely vehicle to be stolen – Cadalic Escalade, least – Audi A6 with 10.8 and 0.5 thefts per 1,000 respectively. State with the most thefts – California, fewest – Vermont. Most likely brand to be stolen – Ford, least – Audi. Overall 2010 thefts (737,404 stolen vehicles) are down nearly 42%… Read more »