Month: October 2011

World Population

Experts indicate the world population has now reached 7 billion — and it’s increasing at a pretty steady clip. If you have any interest in estimating your number among the 7 billion, BBC News World has provided a calculator. That calculator indicates: When I was born, I was the the 2,706,590,438th person alive and the… Read more »

The Top 3 Leadership Blogs

Leadership Blogs: The Ultimate rank   # Blog Title RSS Site Score Badge 1st How to Change the World 146,882 n/a n/a 677,304 7 100 2nd Seths Blog 488,392 n/a n/a 618,242 7 99.87 3rd Education Week: Leadership And Management n/a 11,854 30,579 248,085 7 97.94

The S&P 500 is up 14% this month …

… we still have to go —  but so far —  there hasn’t been a stronger month for the S&P in 27 years