Month: November 2011

One is Silver the other is Gold

In today’s market where many times “flat is the new growth” I often see an unwavering commitment to acquiring new business, new clients, new customers — sometimes servicing existing business and retention end up playing second fiddle. It’s always a juggling act between retaining existing business and growing new yet in my experience growing businesses… Read more »

Moving to the Cloud

There’s no denying that moving to the cloud presents some very real opportunity to control software, hardware and IT support expense – just be sure you’ve done your due diligence before making any switch. Three Issues to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud from Entrepreneur. Pretty straightforward advice — but still not to be overlooked… Read more »

Mentor Support Key to Starting a Business

Gallup surveys in 83 countries indicate that adults who have access to a mentor are three times more likely to say they are planning to start a business (14%) than those who do not have a mentor (5%). See the Full Report