2011’s all but done – did you achieve the goals you envisioned a year ago?

For those of you who have kudos!

For everyone else we’re approaching the 2 minute warning in football parlance (for any real detailed folks the literal calendar year 2 minute warning is 8:00 PM on December 19th and it’s 48 minutes earlier on leap years – but let’s not split hairs, OK?).

Do you still have a chance to pull it off or is it next year that will be the breakout year?

I’ve been involved in multiple successful turnarounds – the kudos group is a whole lot more fun. Much as I’d like to espouse it was brilliance, the reality is that it was, in many respects simple or better said, it was made simple. Clear and simple is understood — you didn’t need me to tell you that. What gets done is what’s understood.

Every one of these turnarounds had once been profitable but since slipped. Each slipped when typically either 1) growth clouded roles or 2) cash was poorly managed and created frequent emergencies, sometimes both. Chaos crept in when seemingly everyone became involved in almost everything except their core responsibilities.

Cash is King – manage it as it is or it will manage you.

Clearly defined roles are key …

  • Finders” – the visionaries, the rainmakers – often in my small business world the CEO is THE Finder … handling Business Development, managing the Minders and setting the tenor of Company Culture. Every time I meet a CEO who tells me they’re doing much more than that and it’s all but a guaranty that the company is already upside down or well on their way there.
  • Minders” – the first lieutenants manage the Finder’s vision so the Finder can stay focused on the “rain dance” and overseeing them.
  • Grinders” – the necessary horsepower to get it all done.

Get the right team, playing their positions well and all the other challenges will become a lot easier to solve.

If that doesn’t sound like your fundamental structure there is a very good chance it’s time for a holistic review of your key metrics.

Please take a look at our proven, Game Plan™,  approach. I think our explosive (Fortune 5000 the past 2 years) growth at B2B CFO® in the worst economy few of us have ever seen before speaks well to our effectiveness. What do you think?

Our complimentary Discovery Analysis™ and Strategy Process™ is a great opportunity  for you to get your 2012 off on the right foot.  Did I mention complimentary?

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