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4 Signs You’re a Terrible Communicator

communicateGood snippet by Inc. on less than ideal communication …

  1. You talk and think at the same time.
  2. You muse, but never follow through.
  3. You encourage high-level debates. With everyone.
  4. You give solutions for problems that don’t exist.

Two of those I see quite a bit, at least one almost never but don’t doubt it occurs. …

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Americans’ Economic Confidence Stable at Four-Year High

Slight improvement in current perceptions offset by slight decline in outlook
by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ — The Gallup Economic Confidence Index held at -16 last week, the highest the index has reached in the four-plus years of Gallup Daily tracking in the United States.

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Finding the Exit® … we all do eventually, some more successfully than others

A business owner (we’re been friends since the Johnson administration) asked me about selling his business awhile back.  Obviously we know each other well.  I have no doubt he anticipated a short answer so I distilled it down to the bare minimum. …

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What can we learn in New Jersey from a VC in LA?

Mark Suster is a Venture Capitalist with GRP Partners in Los Angeles who is very active in social media. He recently wrote an excellent article, Morning in VC, about the outlook for venture capital fund returns in the next decade.…

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A Guide to Applying for a Loan

Every business at some point will require outside financing. This generally means obtaining some form of bank loan. For many, this turns out to be a very aggravating and frustrating process. You may be financing a new business or simply be in need of seasonal financing, but proper planning will substantially enhance your chances of obtaining a loan.…

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