Month: November 2012

Are You Ready for Another Year?

Are you ready for another year? Do you have a marketing and sales plan that helps you know which customers to target in the upcoming year? With that information, have you created a budget for the year? Do you have clear goals for the year and do you have a way of measuring your success… Read more »

4 Reasons Companies In Trouble Stay In Trouble

My friend Josh Patrick recently blogged about four reasons that companies stay in trouble. Excellent article that you can read here. In summary, Josh’s reasons are: Problem – the business doesn’t have a business model that generates cash. Recommended solution – get a dashboard that includes measures of cash and cash needed in the near future. Problem… Read more »

PPACA Health Care Reform

WHAT WE KNOW TODAY AND WHAT EMPLOYERS ARE REQUIRED TO DO NOW A fair amount of compliance remains unknown, contingent upon court decisions and political process, yet please allow me to share a few observations and then I’ll get to the actions that are fact certain … at least as of the moment. Overview Average… Read more »