Month: January 2013

10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day

Excellent article on Inc. about a few ways to communicate that you and your whole team can benefit. “Here’s what I’m thinking.” “I was wrong.” “You’re welcome.” “Can you help me?” Click here for the remaining 6 and to read the full article.

Application for B2B CFO® 2013 Smart 25 Awards™

The Smart 25 Awards™ are presented annually by B2B CFO® to honor fast-growing and successful USA companies.  The top 25 companies upon which we shine the national spotlight and promote each year. The 2013 Smart 25 Awards ceremony will take place in Disneyland on April 26, 2013. For additional information, details or to apply please… Read more »

Debt, Gov’t Dysfunction Rise to Top of Americans’ Issue List

Fewer Americans now cite unemployment as most important problem by Frank Newport PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ concerns about the federal budget deficit and government dysfunction rose high enough in January to knock unemployment out of the top two slots on Gallup’s “most important problem” list for the first time since 2009.” Read the full Gallup… Read more »

The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

This article by 27/7 Wall Street reminded me of another top 10 list.  Some years back I worked for a, since acquired,  large public company that shall remain nameless but was referred to in film as “Engulf & Devour”.  A business publication – I don’t remember which – it was in the 80s – ran… Read more »