Month: February 2013

Demystifying ACA – FTEs & Penalties

I think it’s fair to say that many of us don’t have a full command for all aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  I’m certainly not going to clear it all up in one blog post, yet, perhaps the most common question I am asked is “How are penalties determined?” One of my partners recently… Read more »

7 Ways to help ensure your emails get read

I’m old school, typically preferring verbal communication to email yet I have a suspicion that email may be around for a while.  According to this article on Time Business & Money only 20 to 40% of email communications actually get opened. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise – battling email in-boxes has become an ever-increasing challenge… Read more »

IRS audits of small business software files – IRS agents are starting to request client QuickBooks and Peachtree backup files

Tax practitioners have always been cautious with the records they provide to the IRS in an audit to control the depth of an IRS inquiry. But IRS agents are starting to request client backup files from small business accounting software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree, and many practitioners are concerned about how much information the… Read more »