Month: March 2013

Credit Card Processing Fees and the fine print ~ Part 2

In Part 2 of Paul Downs small business blog on “You’re the Boss” – Reserve Accounts and how they can hold up your receipts.   My Search for a Credit Card Processor, Part 2 By PAUL DOWNS   At the conclusion of [Paul’s previous post] I had just applied for cheaper credit card processing from Emerald World, and I… Read more »

Credit Card Processing Fees and the fine print ~ Part 1

Among the many blogs I follow is  “You’re the Boss” on the New York Times. One of the contributors on that blog is Paul Downs, who is the owner/CEO of Paul Downs Cabinetmakers in eastern Pennsylvania (for some reason I’m unable to link to his site but if you’re looking for quality woodworking I encourage you to look him up),… Read more »

Twelve Points for Your Business Compass

Every day, management and employees are faced with difficult challenges. At times confusion, uncertainty and frustration can slow or interrupt the organization’s progress toward success. These twelve common sense ideas can provide the fundamental principles that will help your organization be successful and reach its goals. Keep it Simple The organization has grown so quickly… Read more »

How simple Visual Basic coding can improve your Excel workbook applications

Excel is a powerful tool that many of us use in our day-to-day business.  To promote efficiency some understanding of Visual Basic is a big step up.  Earlier today I came across a blog by fellow partner Chase Morrison who wrote about Visual Basic basics that’s a good starting point.  I thought I’d share. Connect with Roger on Google+

Finders, Minders & Grinders℠ and what’s the difference between a CFO and a Controller

Last week after a network group meeting that I had been the chosen professional for our “5-minute spotlight” I was approached by a CEO after my Finders, Minders & Grinders℠ snippet who literally began “Business is good, I have a Controller, why do I need you?” before Mr. Smith (not his real name) even mentioned his name.  Clearly he was… Read more »