Month: May 2013

Smart 25 Award Winners Announced

Sponsored by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and B2B CFO, The Smart 25 Awards Highlight America’s Most Dynamic Businesses and Entrepreneurs Mesa, Ariz., May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — B2B CFO and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management recently announced the 2013 “Smart 25 Award” winners. The winners were honored at a formal awards ceremony and dinner reception… Read more »

Steve Jobs and Bernie Madoff: What They Have in Common

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my mantras is to caution small business owners on the risks of theft in their business – it’s far more prevalent than many think – and working with them to protect their assets and reduce their risks. You might not think that one of the most… Read more »

From Ivy League to Intimates

Angela Newman, a Harvard B School grad left her high-paying McKinsey consulting position to launch her own line of women’s undergarments. In an article on Inc. she shares 5 lessons learned from her startup. Play the Field Stay close to the customer Enter business competitions Don’t forget to live Be willing to let go I agree with… Read more »

Shodan – ever hear of it? What you need to know & why

CNNMoney refers to Shodan as the scariest search engine on the Internet. Shodan positions themselves as “the world’s first computer search engine that lets you search the Internet for computers” and is a tool hackers use to track down their targets.  Actually, Shodan searches for ANY DEVICE connected to the Internet – that includes your… Read more »