Month: August 2013

How to Give Great Advice

Effectively providing advice can contribute to better decisions.  Entrepreneur offers four tips that may help: Only give advice when asked.  Offer information about the options.  Help think through the problem.  Express confidence in their judgment. Two of those suggestions I agree with completely, the other two  the first and last –  particularly if you are… Read more »

U.S. Small-Business Owners’ Capital Spending Plans Brighten

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. small-business owners’ capital spending intentions have been trending upward this year; the 26% who now say they are planning to increase spending is up from 20% in the end of 2012. Still, business owners aren’t yet as optimistic about their capital spending as they were prior to the recession. From 2003… Read more »

Make Time for the Work That Matters

I spend much of my professional effort working with CEOs and owners of emerging businesses on freeing their time from more administrative tasks to enable more time for them to focus on business development.  “Make Time for the Work That Matters“ a study of 39 companies on Harvard Business Review offers some sound insight into… Read more »

10 Must Reads

HBRs 10 Must Read series is an exceptional resource that I return to again and again. Each of volumes: The Essentials Leadership Strategy Change Management Managing People Managing Yourself contains a compilation of 10 articles and invaluable insight (for a fraction of the cost of 1 credit at The B School – that I didn’t… Read more »

Doctors are reconsidering their business model as the industry changes.

Roseland, NJ law firm Brach Eichler conducted a survey of nearly 150 doctors throughout the state. The physician’s outlook concerning their medical practice for the coming year was a fairly even mix:           The most common answers from those with an unfavorable outlook, why? Increasing insurance premiums Declining reimbursements – Nearly… Read more »