Month: September 2013

The Wrong Way to Sell a Business

Recently I came across this article about business owners that were not ready to sell their business! Are you getting the most out of your business? Every year, I used to get together with a client who was a business owner, and every year I would ask him, “Bruce, have you told your guys that you… Read more »

Small Business CEO Survey

With much of the health of our economy grounded upon confidence/belief it was refreshing to see the trends espoused by small business – the backbone of our economy – CEOs in this WSJ/Vistage survey. See the full survey here. Connect with Roger on Google+

Is Your Business Sellable?

The eventual sale of your business should be the biggest deal of your lifetime, with the potential to change for the better the lives of both you and your loved ones. And it will do exactly that, provided your business is sellable. Unfortunately, just one in five companies put up for sale are ever sold.… Read more »