Month: July 2014

Strategic Planning Makes Sense For Companies of All Sizes

There is a perception among small business owners that strategic planning is a management tool solely for larger firms. An interesting article by Randy Myers in the June issue of Inc Magazine supports the notion that companies of all sizes could benefit from strategic planning. While viewed by some as a bureaucratic process which limits… Read more »

J.Crew Grads Strike Out on Their Own

Many of us have worked for companies where we feel unappreciated or not noticed.  Here are a bunch of alumni that have used their carefully honed skills to strike out on their own.  How many of you have started new businesses or want to start their own small business? It wasn’t until Emily Sugihara quit… Read more »


As an unaccomplished air guitarist, drummer and backup dancer I’m sharing one of my favorite renditions of our National Anthem … it still gives me the chills every time and it even includes a snippet of my boyhood idol.  Can you spot him? How good was that? Connect with Roger on Google+