Month: October 2014

What to Do About Customers Who Can’t Pay?

Skint Spelled Out Using Scrabble Tablets

Many clients struggle with this issue.  Do you ship products or provide services to a customer that clearly cannot pay? This article discusses some of the considerations you might want to consider before you provide the product or provide services. What do you think? As reported by Fred Warmbier last week, he wrote about the challenges posed by… Read more »

Small Business Optimism Stuck in ‘Second Gear’, NFIB says

Speedometer Covered In Smoke

The National Federation of Independent Business‘s (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index fell in September, as reported by Kathleen Madigan in the Wall Street Journal.  A sluggish outlook over the summer months, following a high in April, reflects a wary outlook from small business owners, with some underlying measures more aligned with a recession period than… Read more »

Facebook has a new local advertising play

Facebook Logo And Hardware

This new local advertising play could be a game changer for small businesses that want to get their business on the map!  Most small businesses have challenges staying on top with a maze of software options that are either built for large enterprises or seem unwieldy to manage. There’s no shortage of startups working to address… Read more »