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Start with why …

Why Written On A Delivery Truck


Does Our Why Benefit You?

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5 Tips to Survive a Spike in Demand

I came across an interest141106_cs0769_290X230ing article in Industry Week by John Mills, discussing tips to manage a spike in ‘manufacturing’ demand. But it equally applies to non-manufacturing and service businesses. Below are extracts from the article and how they may relate to issues you are grappling with in managing growth in your business.

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Estimated Global Advertising on Mobile Devices in 2015 is Expected to be 29B

Facebook Logo With Tie And Hands

If you are rethinking your advertising budget, Facebook has developed a way to track users across multiple devices!



photo credit: facebook business via photopin (license)

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Thinking of Exiting your Business?

Black And White Hallway Exit Sign

Check Out my Business Podcast at Blog Talk Radio.

Some of the questions addressed during this interview were:

  • What are the most common mistakes business owners make when deciding to sell their business?
  • When should business owners start to get ready to sell their business?

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5 Ways to Successfully Negotiate Anything


Some good negotiating fundamentals in an article by Inc

  1. Know when to shut up.
  2. Think of the long-term.
  3. Say no.
  4. Look at what’s good for all concerned.
  5. Always be ready to walk away.


From those suggestions I’ve had most success knowing when to keep still and being prepared to walk.…

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