Month: November 2015

5 Secrets of Success …

… from the $4.3M First Lady of Podcasting (Photo credit: Matt Bouvet) Kate Ericson and John Lee Dumas teamed to create EOFire, podcasts of entrepreneur interviews that has grown to a $4.3M success story. Ericson shares the keys to their success in Huffington Post Small Business article that I’ve highlighted below, read the full article here …… Read more »

Small Business CFO: Do You Need One?

Small Business CFO

Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of Dasheroo, wrote in Huff Post Small Business about her experience with financial staffing as her previous business, VerticalResponse, grew. These experiences weren’t all positive! Read the article here… Janine found, like many others, that she was slow in upgrading her financial staff as her business grew and she built her… Read more »

Check With an IP lawyer Before you Buy or Sell a Company

Most of us understand that well-protected intellectual property (IP) assets are valuable, if “off the books,” assets of a company. But what role does IP play in valuing and selling your company? IP attorney Andrew Grove recently wrote for the PEHub Network about the role of IP in buying or selling companies. Read the article here… While… Read more »