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5 Ways to Successfully Negotiate Anything

Jun 3B2B CFO


Some good negotiating fundamentals in an article by Inc

  1. Know when to shut up.
  2. Think of the long-term.
  3. Say no.
  4. Look at what’s good for all concerned.
  5. Always be ready to walk away.


From those suggestions I’ve had most success knowing when to keep still and being prepared to walk.

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I’d add:

  • Know your upper/lower limits, your non-negotiables going in.
  • Focus on the key requirements to you – the minutiae can always be sorted if the fundamentals are agreed.
  • Be prepared with facts – Knowledge is power.
  • If you need something explained more fully, ask as many times as it takes until you are comfortable.
  • Compromise – rare is the deal that gets done that’s completely one sided.
  • Don’t rush!

What would you add?


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