7 Lessons From The Beatles’ Biggest Failure

Ringo-Starr-John-Lennon-Paul-McCartney-George-Harrison_pan_13036Some may be surprised to learn that even The Beatles experienced a few bumps in the road prior to their success.  There’s a good article on Inc. about lessons business owner’s might learn from The Beatles early setbacks.

  1. Know your product
  2. Know your audience
  3. Gather the right team
  4. Timing is everything
  5. Know what you’re getting into
  6. Set expectations
  7. Critics can be wrong

Numbers 3 and 6 were key factors in my very first successful turnaround.   If you read the article, who was the other band member that wasn’t there for all their success?  Not Pete Best, he’s the easy one and mentioned in the article.

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