7 Ways to help ensure your emails get read

emailI’m old school, typically preferring verbal communication to email yet I have a suspicion that email may be around for a while.  According to this article on Time Business & Money only 20 to 40% of email communications actually get opened. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise – battling email in-boxes has become an ever-increasing challenge – yet I can still remember the day when I never had an unread/un-replied email.  There are some good suggestions in this article to help making email communications more efficient:

1. Subject lines: Remember that only 20 percent to 40 percent of your emails will actually get opened, though most of your subject lines will be seen. To boost your open rates, think of short, catchy, and informative subject lines. You should try to dangle compelling information (“The future of sales emails”), and you can even try adding some mystery (“Strange question”). We also recommend personalized subject lines, if possible (“Hunter Sullivan suggested I contact you”).

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