A few thoughts from a maverick

I don’t think that it’s a complete coincidence that the NBA team that Mark Cuban owns is the Dallas Mavericks. Since he’s owned the team he’s been fined at least $1.6M, he and Commissioner Stern don’t see eye-to-eye on a few matters.

Yet he’s clearly been successful in business. Founding system integrator and software reseller MicroSolutions that he sold to CompuServe in 1990 for $6M. Moved on to co-found Audionet in 1995, starting off with 1 server and an ISDN line. 4 years later he cashed out Audionet (that had by then become Broadcast.com) at the height of the dot com boom for $5.9B of Yahoo! stock. He’s still credited with the largest single eCommerce transaction for the purchase of a Gulfstream Jet on eBay for $40M back in 1999. He marches to his own drummer.

In his most recent blog post he shares some interesting perspective:

  • The Great Lie of Wall Street — “We are acting in the best interests of shareholders.”
  • Push to Make All Financial Institutions Partnerships
  • Limit the Size of Student Loans to $2,000 per year 
  • Tax the Hell Out of Wall Street; Give it to Main Street

He offers some interesting solutions — Click Here to read his blog … it’s worth your time.

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