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If you work on multiple computers, your data is valuable or find yourself away from your office needing access to a file there are several backup & syncing services that provide invaluable, economical solutions.

I’ve been a satisfied SugarSync user for about 5 years now (so I’ll focus on that service).  DropBox is another similar service that is highly rated, there are a number of others.

Here’s what I like:

  • All of my devices (PC, MacBook, Android and iPhone) have the current files synced, backed up offsite and immediately available (BlackBerry and iPad compatable as well).  No more sorting through files to figure out which is the current, no more reworking documents because more than one copy had been updated independently.  Having access to files from my mobile phone has impressed (read: saved my derriere) clients more than once.
  • Peace of mind — if a hard drive fails data is safe and secured offsite.
  • Seamless – once set up it just happens.
  • Sharing – discrete, password protected folder(s) capable (invaluable to me for confidential and client segregation purposes).
  • Economical – e.g.  5GB plan is free, 30GB $50/year.  I’m on a 100GB plan for $150/year,  there are several other plans available.  Competition in the space keeps rates competitive.

The only shortcomings I’m aware are that SugarSync does not backup Outlook.pst files (they’ve indicated they are working on that capability) and initial setup of folders to sync could be a bit more intuitive.

I strongly recommend SugarSync or another syncing solution — you’ll thank me when, not if, you have a hardware failure or need access to a file in a pinch from your mobile phone!

PS – You’ll need some patience with first sync/backup.  If I recall correctly it took about 3 days for 65GB or so on a high speed broadband connection (I tried Carbonite’s free trial a couple of years ago to compare – I aborted that test 5 or 6 days later when initial backup wasn’t complete).


Update –  I do not recommend syncing iTunes with SugarSync rather use iTunes Home Sharing for seamless syncing of your library across devices (I do backup one master library to SS).

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