Americans’ Reactions to Sequester

fuvzeznhr0ar7mtpmyh2xgMy Dad was born in 1921, Mom in 1926 –  I think that 5 year age difference made a big difference  on how well each remembered the Great Depression.

I’ve often thought this made a difference in their fiscal outlook – Mom a bit more free spending, Dad, well let’s just call him thrifty.  My view on our Federal Deficit and related Sequester runs closer to Dad’s view.

That said, below is Gallup poll on reaction to Sequester.

More Americans use negative words or phrases than positive ones

by Elizabeth Mendes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans are much more likely to use negative words or phrases — including “bad,” “disaster,” and “God help us” — than positive ones to describe their views on the federal government budget sequester.




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