Americans Want Next President to Prioritize Jobs, Corruption

I’m generally a bit cautious about polls in that results can often be swayed by the questions [more below] that are asked, how the questions are asked, etc. My general belief is that Gallup tends to be among the less biased or “leading”. Who are the pollsters that you tend to trust?

I thought it was only a small minority that felt corruption in the federal government is a significant problem (and I’m not minimizing other key concerns as economy/jobs/deficit and the like) but I was glad to see that – at least by this poll – many feel as I do.  I’d like to see term limits as a start on addressing this problem?  What do you think?

Re: poll questions and sway, Gallup indicates “Corruption in government usually ranks as an important issue when it is asked about specifically, though it is not as top-of-mind as jobs or the economy.”

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