America’s pastime, Role models and the Evil Empire

I’m a sports guy … The Yanks are my team, Mickey Mantle was my boyhood idol. Love ‘em or hate ‘em the Bronx Bombers’ success is hard to argue.

Today my thoughts turn to Derek Jeter – in my view one of the few role models in sport today I can embrace our kids looking up to. Probably a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee. It took the Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio, a career .325 average, at the time of his retirement, 5th in HRs (361), 6th in Slugging % (.579) three ballots to be elected to the Hall, hence my qualification.

At 37, Jeter’s in the twilight of his career. 3K hits, career .312 batting average (7th among active players after Pujols (best active player?), Suzuki, Helton, Guerrero (along with Yogi, the best bad ball hitters?), Holiday and Cabrera) but his BA has been stuck at .270 for the past season and a half.

Will he ever hit .300 again?

PS – Did you know there was a verbal agreement back in the day between the Red Sox and the Yankees to trade Ted Williams for Joe DiMaggio? The trade fell apart when the Sox asked that Yogi be included in the deal.

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