Apple $76B, Treasury $74B and Waterloo

I’m not sure why I mentioned the cash reserves in the subject other than I’m amazed that our Treasury has lower cash reserves than a successful technology company and I’m advised  that when I Tweet this later, Tweets with #s are something  in the order of 10x more likely to be read or re-Tweeted.  The real subject is about why some companies succeed, others fail.  More specifically why do companies that once held a significant market share slip.

iPhone vs. Blackberry is a good example although Android could easily be included in that mix, but let’s keep it simple and focus on the first two.  BTW I’ve owned and used all three, two I continue to use, my Blackberry – I’m not even sure where it is.

“Crackberry” owned the market not too far back … it can’t possibly be simply because they set up camp in Waterloo that they’ve slipped so far, can it?  I’m no geek but I don’t believe there are any significant differences in the technology or capabilities of these two smartphones – I’m a user – I’m your market  — what I want, perhaps you too, is capability that works, Blackberry succeeds on that front and USER FRIENDLY.  Yo dudes in Waterloo those itty bitty keys were killin’ me and BTW I’m not 22 anymore …. I actually need to be able to see the screen.  This isn’t rocket surgery fellas – think about end use – LISTEN to your customers and ADAPT as the market changes before it disappears over the horizon.

“Organizational Structure 101” a lot of people could spout off the CEO of Apple without batting an eye, I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out too far to suggest that far fewer would reply Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie are the CEOs of Research in Motion.  Hmmm …. I thought chief actually meant chief.  I don’t know but I’m sure I could look up who the opposing chief was at Custer’s not so swell event at Waterloo some years back.  If I’m wrong and there were multiple opposing chiefs … lunch is on me.  Two chiefs sounds like a two headed monster with no one in chargethat rarely, very rarely works.

Sure there are other reasons for Apple’s success that they’ve done VERY WELL — pricing (their products aren’t cheap) they “just work”brandingbrand loyaltypost purchase support and the like BUT my wife is communicating with me in a manner not dissimilar to Benito from the Balcony some years back to get moving on some domestic matters this Saturday morning – so let’s leave it at that for now – OK?












PS ~ BTW I do know it was  at Waterloo … Custer  was ‘oer at the ‘horn, no? I was wondering if you were paying attention.

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