Are You Leveraging Your Strengths? Focused on Core Metrics?

Two years ago Target, the 2nd largest retailer in the US announced that they would no longer use the world’s largest e-commerce business, Amazon’s tech platform to run That Target management may not have wanted a competitor running their website is certainly an obvious consideration — Amazon is well ahead of Target’s largely brick-and-mortar operations on the e-commerce front – they’re ahead of Wal-Mart’s too.  Target, no doubt, wanted to completely control their online operations and that certainly makes some good sense to me …. but

Hasn’t Amazon figured out e-commerce pretty well? Including website hosting for 500 lb. gorillas?

I’m sure Target believed they had the capability to successfully handle this new responsibility.  Yet in the two month’s since Target launched their website on their own platform their site has repeatedly crashed – just as the critical holiday sales season has arrived. Earlier today Target terminated their online president.

Notwithstanding the competitor consideration of Target’s decision, was it a good one?  Was it a need or want decision? Emotional or carefully considered? It appears Target’s decision was tinged with some arrogance … we can invent a better wheel … perhaps overlooked the strengths of others.

Were they leveraging strength’s well?

In my small business world I see parallels to the Target situation often in our current economic climate.

Finders” – the visionaries, the rainmakers

Minders” – the first lieutenants manage the Finder’s vision so they can stay focused on the “rain dance”

Grinders” – the necessary horsepower to get it all done

With some consistency the small businesses I engage that are experiencing some challenges, the Finder has been “sucked in” to the day-to-day Minder’s responsibilities … often times out of necessity. Yet Finders often are not the best Minders and clearly vice versa … and it hasn’t rained in awhile.

Are you leveraging your strengths as best as you can?  Are you dancing? When was the last rain?


If a large, generally well-managed, company as Target …. perhaps it’s time to refocus on your core metrics and achieve your goals.


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