Best Record in Baseball – How do they fare in the World Series?

I love baseball!  Back in the day I’d watch every pitch of every game I could.  Anymore it’s rare I watch a full game — until the playoffs that are now upon us.  I still remember the days when the game was always played outdoors, in the sunshine and without any designated hitter.  Like it should be.

The Philadelphia Phillies ended the season with the best overall record.  Honestly going into the season I thought they’d handily win 110+ games.  That didn’t happen but still they finished with the best record overall.


Since I’m not exactly a Phillies fan I decided to look up how the team with the best record fares in the World Series.  Looking back since the advent of the wild card format in 1995 I was a bit surprised. Only 3 times in these 16 years has the team with the team with the best overall record, including ties, won the Fall Classic. Only a bit better then a third (37%) of those teams (7 of 19 (including 3 ties)) even advanced to the World Series.


So who do you like?


Update – The Phillies are out of the 2011 playoffs — we’re now 3 times in 17 years that the best record in baseball won the World Series and 7 0f 20 times that they’ve made it to the Series.

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