Can something be too good?

I have a Classic iPod one of the 160 GB jobbers (actually I have more than one of the various iterations but in case my wife reads this let’s leave it at that OK?). I just looked it up 12,031 songs. Sounds like a lot yet one of my nephew’s friends has over 40K songs in his library and that was 5 or 6 years ago (Name that tune — I bet I could stump him on at least a third of the songs in his collection).  Sometimes I just don’t know what I’d like to listen to next.

Cable, satellite, whatever TV? Before I’d surfed all the way through what I decided I’d like to watch was usually over or I’d fallen asleep.  So I pretty much only watch what’s on the DVR now unless it’s baseball or football.  Or golf — and you  thought baseball was slow didn’t you?

I read the news, I read books – mostly biographies, leadership and psychology.   Back in the day I got “busted” by a colleague, actually quite a few once word got out, for reading “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun”.  I was reading it for the leadership content, not the cause.  I actually don’t even remember what his cause was, his leadership I do.  It’s on my short list.  If you think about it didn’t even the tyrants have something in common with the greatest leaders whose causes we do embrace?  I suggest they all had a pretty keen understanding of what makes us “tick”, the art of persuasion, motivating, team building, consensus building.  I don’t know of one that “started” with a hammer, rather a glove. If you know of any, please share? Before long it seemed like most of the smaller division of a very large Advertising Agency — I played second fiddle at the time — were giving me the razzmatazz – yeah I know that’s a really corny expression. I was waaay younger, in my late 20s maybe early 30s, BUT the matter had a pretty gratifying, amusingly gratifying ending … perhaps that’s a short story for another day.

Much as I embrace technology I resisted book readers – I thought I’d miss turning the pages, holding the book. I was wrong.  Earlier this year I purchased a Kindle …. turns out that was a pretty swell idea. Don’t even try to get it out of my Kung Fu grip [I stole that line from Ben Stiller – I’m not that witty]. I think the HP Tablets are readers … HP is just about paying peeps to take them off their hands now — maybe you should get one? Or a Nook, iPad or a book before you get to the last page of the internet?


PS – Are they EVER going to make golf clubs that suffer from this “too good” syndrome?


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