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8 Easy ESOP Lessons

Most business owners know that ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan, but don’t know much about them other than many myths that surround the very under-utilized option.

My friend Josh Patrick at Ask Josh Patrick just published a great 7-minute video to help business owners to decide on whether they should consider an ESOP as a way to exit their businesses.…

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Financial Strategies To Increase Profitable Sales


Business Graph


Every business owner wants to increase the sales of their company! What is less common is knowledge of how to use financial strategies to have an impact on increasing sales. If you are not employing these six strategies, you are missing out on incremental sales that could have a huge bottom line impact.…

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PATH Act and Some Key Wins for Small Business on Taxes

tax-breaksOn December 18th the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 was signed into law.

The are some real benefits to SMBs in this legislation, 3 of the most notable:

Section 179 Depreciation that permits businesses to expense $500,000 of machinery and equipment purchases rather than depreciate over useful lives.  …

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5 Secrets of Success …

… from the $4.3M First Lady of Podcasting

Kate Erikson
(Photo credit: Matt Bouvet)

Kate Ericson and John Lee Dumas teamed to create EOFire, podcasts of entrepreneur interviews that has grown to a $4.3M success story. Ericson shares the keys to their success in Huffington Post Small Business article that I’ve highlighted below, read the full article here … it’s well worth your time.…

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Small Business CFO: Do You Need One?

Small Business CFO

Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of Dasheroo, wrote in Huff Post Small Business about her experience with financial staffing as her previous business, VerticalResponse, grew. These experiences weren’t all positive! Read the article here…

Janine found, like many others, that she was slow in upgrading her financial staff as her business grew and she built her infrastructure.…

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