Is the Cloud really saving you money?


Many businesses have moved aspects of their IT operations to the Cloud, often driven by anticipated savings in operational costs and infrastructure capital investment. But is your company really achieving the planned savings?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Clint Boulton explored some of the lessons learned by companies that made the shift to cloud computing:


The benefits of shifting business applications to Web-friendly cloud services is proving far more complex than lining up a partner and flipping a switch, say executives who have made the transition. Absent proper expense controls, they say the cloud can be exceptionally wasteful of expensive resources.

What to watch for? Experts say always keep future costs in mind when planning the shift. Some common mistakes include ordering too much computing power, failing to program software shutdowns in off hours, not using monitoring tools to keep tabs on wasted computing cycles, or allowing programmers to believe cycles are free.

If you are weighing up the pro’s and con’s of moving to cloud computing, cost is clearly a major consideration. Once you decide to make the move, your evaluation is not over its just beginning. Like any major initiative in your business, you need to monitor progress and make sure your goals are being achieved.

Read the full article at: The Hidden Waste and Expense of Cloud Computing

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