Don’t forget Social Media POLICY

Social Media has been all the buzz for a few years now.  Sometimes I wonder if actual conversation may one day go the way of cursive that fewer and fewer seem to use anymore.

Interesting to me is that some seem quite comfortable telling everyone just about everything about themselves.  That’s fine by me — some is really rather entertaining.

BUT when it comes to your business such sharing is a horse of a different color.  There are many goings on in your day-to-day operations (proposals, confidential information, etc.) that it might not be particularly prudent to broadcast.  You should protect yourselves against similar unbridled sharing.

No doubt you might suggest – that’s mere common sense and I’d agree.  Nonetheless rare is the case with any of my new clients that they have taken precaution to safeguard themselves against falling victim to someone sharing something prudence dictated otherwise.

Include a Social Media Policy in your Personnel Manual (you do have a current, comprehensive one in place that employees sign, asserting that they have read and understand, right?)!  There are various items to include, key is to tailor to your organization and effectively communicate to your employee.

Here are a few suggestions to consider if you don’t have a social media policy:

  • Make sure your employees understand that there is no privacy on the web. Anything posted on the web can be retrieved for years after it is posted.
  • Hold employees personally accountable for what they post that relates directly to your business.
  • Make sure your company’s intellectual property is treated as confidential and make sure employees understand the sensitive nature of that property and how important it is to your organization.
  • Encourage the positive uses of such mediums including what is considered acceptable content and what is not acceptable.

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