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Nov 11B2B CFO

Employer-Based Health Insurance Continues to Trend Down

Nov 11B2B CFO

From above chart, top to bottom – from Q1 ’08 through Q3 ’11:

  • % Employer-basedeclined 5.3% to 44.5%
  • % Government planincreased 2.2% to 25.1%
  • % Uninsuredincreased 2.7% to 17.3%
  • % Something elsedeclined 0.2% to 11.4%

Presentation is important — a chart really should come across at a glance in most cases.  They really could make this very simple chart easier to read — at a glance.  And I expect on a chart of this nature that each measuring point would total 100% (e.g. – 2008 = 98.9%, latest = 98.3%).

Nonetheless, it appears to me from the data provided  that for the 5.3% decline in Employer sponsored plans about half moved to Government plan, half to uninsured.

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