Five Things I Wish I Had Known Before the Fire

Bruce Buschel owns a restaurant in the Hamptons that was recently devastated by a fire. He also blogs in the New York Times Small Business “You’re the Boss” section. When I read what he wrote (which every business owner should read!) about the lessons he learned from the fire, it occurred to me to ask:

  • How was he able to evaluate the advice he was getting from his insurance agent or broker?
  • How did he pick that agent or broker? An old friend? Other business owner referrals?
  • Could he have found an agent/broker with deep experience in insuring restaurants?
  • Was he qualified and experienced in hiring these kinds of professionals?
  • Who was advising him on the risks of his business?

These are all things that I and my Partners help business owners with every day! Every Company, Regardless of Its Size, Needs CFO Services. We make it affordable by doing it on as as-needed basis.

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