From Ivy League to Intimates

harvard_libraryAngela Newman, a Harvard B School grad left her high-paying McKinsey consulting position to launch her own line of women’s undergarments. In an article on Inc. she shares 5 lessons learned from her startup.

  1. Play the Field
  2. Stay close to the customer
  3. Enter business competitions
  4. Don’t forget to live
  5. Be willing to let go

Finders Minders GrindersI agree with each of those points particularly if 1 & 5 are balanced very carefully – the visionary should be very mindful to always keep up a keen focus on product and business development – on the goal.  The most common mistake I’ve seen, particularly in recent years  and a challenging economy is the business visionary gets sucked into day-to-day “minding” activities and loses sight of their “finder” role … not following the B2B CFO Golden Rule [paraphrased]  …. Keep the Finders finding, the Minders (your managers) minding, and the Grinders (your heavy lifters) grinding.

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