Game 6 … a little sloppy but still quite a game

And there were a few firsts

  • The Cardinals became the first team in World Series history to overcome a ninth-inning deficit and an extra-inning deficit in the same game.
  • Three Rangers pitchers—Alexi Ogando, Neftali Feliz and Scott Feldman had blown saves in Game Six as the Cardinals made five different comebacks.  ESPN, indicated it’s the first time in World Series history that a team has recorded three blown saves in one game.
  • This will be the first Game Seven in nine years—the longest stretch without a winner-takes-all final game since the World Series started in 1903.
  • The Cardinals hold the record for most World Series Game Sevens, with tonight’s game being the team’s 11th.  History is on their side: The Cards’ Game Seven record is 7-3.
  • Another encouraging stat for the Cards, who play at home again tonight, the last eight game 7s were won by the home team.  The last road team to win was the 1979 Pirates.

Isn’t it time for those hapless precursors of the Texas Rangers, the second incarnation of the Washington “First in war, first in peace and last in the American League” Senators to finally win one?

Extra credit – what team did the first Washington Senators become (hint they went on to win 2 World Series, 1 vs the Cards)?

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