The ‘Heartbleed’ Bug – a quick test & a fix

heartbleed-970x450-2_35930Recently you may have read that it was discovered that OpenSSL, Internet encryption software that protects nearly 2 of 3 websites has a security hole that puts your data, user names, passwords and the like at risk.

Even if your site may display a URL prefix as “https://” you may still not be properly safeguarded.

Fortunately there is a quick test and a remedy if you’re vulnerable.

Step 1 – Check to see if your website is vulnerable CLICK HERE

Step 2 – If test confirms that your website is at risk CLICK HERE to update your OpenSSL

Step 3AFTER you have updated OpenSSL have EVERYONE change their usernames and passwords

It’s that simple and if you at risk you just may be very glad you did.

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