Is Your Business Sellable?

risk_rewardThe eventual sale of your business should be the biggest deal of your lifetime, with the potential to change for the better the lives of both you and your loved ones. And it will do exactly that, provided your business is sellable. Unfortunately, just one in five companies put up for sale are ever sold. Will yours be one of the 20 percent that finds a buyer, or will you be one on the 80 percent of owners who walks away empty-handed? If you’re currently in the 20 percent, how can you maximize your chances of getting the best possible deal? If you’re currently in the 80 percent, how can you make sure you’ll be in the 20 percent when the time comes?

Jerry L. Mills, founder, B2B CFO and author, The Exit Strategy Handbook along with Brendan Anderson, founder and managing partner, Evolution Capital Partners and John Warrillow, founder, The Sellability Score and author, Built to Sell will speak on:

  • Best practices, and;
  • How to identify weaknesses to ensure your company is in the best shape of its business life

Inc 500 5000 Washingto DC

If you can’t attend the conference the next best thing you can do is reach out to one of our partners … there’s a reason why we have made the Inc 5000 the past 4 years and helped countless of our clients join us there as well.

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