Leadership and a Great Coach

I’ve spent most of my professional life working with under-performing companies, managing high growth.  The dynamics of those challenges are what make me tick.  Identifying and measuring key performance indicators is paramount to success.  Care to be surprised?  Follow up on a few KPIs you” think” are being measured and managed but haven’t reviewed in some time.  If at least a third of the KPIs that you think are being managed aren’t ~ lunch is on me.  In a challenging market, can you really afford such?  I’ve yet to come across a situation where that cannot be distilled timely and succinctly onto one page.

You have determined your KPIs, they are reported timely and succinctly and acted upon, right?

Yet my thoughts today are focused upon leadership, not so much numerically measured KPIs.  Leadership and core values were critical to shaping, re-shaping our future in each successful turnaround I’ve been a player, perhaps you might consider …..

Think them first.  Customers – what is their need?  Your supporting cast – what are their needs to perform to their best?  Prospective new customers – put you first and you’ll find those prospects on your competitor’s customer roster.  I, me, mine doesn’t work.

Be consistent.  Few things will demotivate your team better than inconsistency.  Care to find your former customers now your competitors … try inconsistent pricing, terms, attention – that will get it done toot sweet.

Trust, Trust, TrustEarn it by exuding authentic, fair-minded, consistent core values you demonstrate every day with your team, with your customers, with your prospects.  Expouse values you don’t deliver and trust, likely success as well, will remain absent.  Think it was hard to earn trust?  It’s tenfold the challenge to re-earn.

Self-doubt — have some!  Consider your decisions, put into timely action, measure the results, reflect, seek other’s input, reevaluate and adjust.  Few things are solved in the first attempt.  Arrogance, hubris, action before thought, no self-doubt are ingredients for paddling a sinking vessel in the company of few.

Measure everything … margin, sales, budget to actual, cash flow and the like.  Measure your core values and culture … “them”, “consistency”, “trust”, “self-doubt”, “courage to reflect” …. too.  They rank right up there with your new pricing, sales incentive program, leveraged technology.

Do you have a coach?  Almost all the successful, in all walks of life,  have them.  I’m a team sports guy as you may know hence a sport analogy.  The Packers were the doormats of the NFL in ’58 before the new Coach turned the same team into the toast of the town.  Think a great coach, an experienced, trusted advisor, great leadership don’t make a difference? I don’t think its called the Lombardi Trophy for no reason.

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