Leadership … Thoughts after 30 years in the trenches …

leader… and much of what I see as critical qualities of effective leadership:

  • Collaborative – Effective leaders set aside ego in favor of fostering the talent and diversity of those they lead. They create an environment or trust and creative free thinking.
  • Communicative – Effective leaders understand the need for clear, open communications. They recognize that gaps can surface and reinforce their vision and intent as often as it takes to stay on charted course.
  • Dedicated – Effective leaders exude an unbound commitment to success. They are passionate, persistent and consistent. Supportive of others AND committed to excellence.
  • Permitting – Effective leaders embrace process AND enable others to either create solutions or follow charted course. Their follow up is neither too frequent nor scarce while providing necessary resources to achieve goals.
  • Unassuming – Effective leaders are both ambitious and humble, patient not superior.

And then I reflected upon some contemporary business & sport leaders that have most impressed me with the success they’ve achieved:  Steve Jobs, Vince Lombardi, Barry Diller (headed Paramount Pictures when I was just a kid … to this day remains the smartest businessman I’ve ever met) … yet each lacked at least one of those traits … perhaps I was writing about the leadership qualities of someone else.

Which of the above leadership qualities do you agree/disagree?

What would you add?


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