linkedin_logoOf all the social media options LinkedIn ranks right at the top for business development purposes in my view.  Still I was a bit surprised when advised  …


It really is a powerful tool yet you have to work it.  Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Join some relevant groups and take part in discussions.
  • Promote events your network is involved by sharing with your full network.
  • Pick a few of your key contacts and write an unsolicited recommendation.
  • There’s a relatively new feature where you can endorse the skills of those who have helped you.  Consider some endorsements.
  • linkedin_profile_strengthComplete your profile, link to your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook page, Pinterest, etc.  There’s a Profile Strength gauge – fill it up.  I’m no SEO expert but this does help in more ways than one.


Work it, take part and it will improve your results!


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