Make Time for the Work That Matters

64461_10152060475237787_419449748_nI spend much of my professional effort working with CEOs and owners of emerging businesses on freeing their time from more administrative tasks to enable more time for them to focus on business development.  Make Time for the Work That Matters a study of 39 companies on Harvard Business Review offers some sound insight into the challenges of becoming more productive, some good advice to help identify critical tasks and differentiate from those that should be delegated or outsourced and even a self assessment tool to promote the process.  The authors touch upon:

  • Why It’s So Hard.
  • Identifying low-value tasks.
  • Deciding whether to drop, delegate, or redesign. 
  • Off-loading tasks.
  • Allocating freed-up time.
  • Committing to your plan.

It’s a worthwhile read, I encourage you to read the full article.

For a bit more – perhaps more straightforward advice – see related post “Finders, Minders & Grinders

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