Metro NY/NJ B2B CFO® Joins Award Winning LOCKSOURCE Panel

Metro NY/NJ B2B CFO® Partners participated in the NYC based LOCKSOURCE Forum, a unique award winning Private Equity deal flow Forum founded my Marianne Halvorsen, Vice President at Lockton Companies, LLC.

LOCKSOURCE was founded in 2012 as a unique forum to provide additional value to the Private Equity community. In 2014 it was awarded the Private Equity Forum of the Year Award, recognizing its outstanding contribution to the Private Equity community in support of deal flow and origination. LOCKSOURCE Forum participants are hand-selected based on their unique ability to support Private Equity firms and Investors as a source of deal flow and as a service provider. B2B CFO® Partner, Mike Kennedy, met with LOCKSOURCE founder, Marianne Halvorsen, to explore the mutual benefits of including B2B CFO® in the Forum, opening up a unique ability to support the Investor community with CFO Services, Exit Strategy Services, Transition Services and a potential source of deal flow. On May 14th and 15th, six Metro NY/NJ Partners representing B2B CFO®, participated in its first LOCKSOURCE Forum and it was a resounding success.

The attending Investors and Private Equity firms, along with Marianne were impressed with the strength and breath of services and Partner capabilities that B2B CFO® provided. The Regional Partners were invited to remain as a permanent member of the LOCKSOURCE Forum. During the course of the 2-day session, Investors met with various service providers and other Investors in 30-minute one-on-one private meetings to discuss how to build relationships and explore joint opportunities. The attending B2B CFO® Partners were able to learn the needs of these Investors and increase their awareness of Firm’s, CFO Services, Exit Strategy Services, Transition Services, and its ability to be a source of deal-flow activity. B2B CFO® received many positive comments throughout the 2 days:
“I hope you guys realize the Gold Mine you are sitting on. Not only does your model fit well with the needs of our Portfolio Companies, but we consider B2B CFO® Partners an excellent deal-flow source.”
“I wish I had known about this Firm a lot sooner. Your Partners depth of industry knowledge and its ability to provide high level CFO Services on a flexible basis fits a great need in the markets we operate in. The addition of your Exit Strategy Services, truly sets you apart from any other CFO services firms we are aware of.”
The B2B CFO® Metro NY/NJ Partners look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with the LOCKSOURCE Forum and fully appreciate the opportunity it has given us to be a member of this successful group.


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