Mind Control

Excellent succinct article ~ 3 fundamental thoughts ~ by Tim Enochs a Building Champions blogger.

“Stud­ies indi­cate that the human brain pro­duces, on aver­age, 70,000 thoughts per day. Con­sid­er­ing that there are 86,400 sec­onds in a day, a new thought is pro­duced about every 1.2 sec­onds. Some­times I believe it may be more than that.”

3 guides to help us manage 70K thoughts sounds like a pretty good tradeoff to me. Does that make sense?

  1. Plant the seed of great­ness in your mind, and what­ever is planted will cer­tainly grow.
  2. Focus” Plan your work, work your plan. No plan? There are suggestions on how to re-focus in the article.
  3. Give” “give more than [you] take” I think you may find the net gain precisely what we hope.

Brilliant simplicity in my opinion — what do you think?

Blogs are a great source of information and inspiration that we all can customize RSS feeds into a very focused resource. I haven’t counted all the blogs/feeds I follow, some daily, others a bit less closely, but I’m sure it’s easily 100 or more. I’ll review and post a “Top” most valuable to me in a future post … with a little luck there will be something of value to you there too.

Read the full article. Building Champions is a good start … some blogs/bloggers to consider.


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