New Year Traditions from around the World

    Denmark- Break dishes on neighbor’s door, the family with the most broken items is considered to be the luckiest because it means they have lots of loyal friends. Others ring in the New Year by standing on chairs and then jumping off them together at midnight. Leaping into January is supposed to banish bad spirits and bring good luck.

  • Mexico and Spain – Eat 12 grapes and make a wish; one for each month and with each chime of the New Year countdown for good luck.
  • Ireland – Mistletoe leaves are placed under pillow to find husband.
  • Finland – Cast molten tin into a container of water, and then interpreting the shape the metal takes after hardening. A heart or ring shape means a wedding in the New Year; a ship forecasts travel; and a pig shape signifies plenty of food.
  • Belgium – Farmers wish their livestock happy new year to ensure 365 days of good health and well-being.
  • Philippines – Round shapes (representing coins) are thought to symbolize prosperity for the coming year in the Philippines; many Filipino families display heaps of round fruits on the dining table for New Year’s Eve.
  • Switzerland – Drop a dollop of cream on the floor to ring in the New Year, it’s thought to bring a year of abundance.

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