PEOs are often an efficient, cost effective solution for your HR requirements

entrepreneur_logoIn the past I have assumed the HR hat in my COO/CFO roles. The two operative words are “past” – in today’s every changing climate of regulation and benefits management/administration the arena has become rather complex – often Professional Employer Organizations are the solution I now turn. And we both know what they say about “assume”?

My partner, Joe Worth, has authored an article for Entrepreneur, “What’s a PEO and How Can it Help My Business?” that’s a good entree on the benefits that include:

  • PEOs manage thousands of employees and can therefore purchase insurance and benefit plans at a significant savings or allow you to offer higher-quality plans to attract and retain skilled employees.
  • Experienced professionals in HR, benefits, payroll, risk management and other aspects of employee administration are on the job. Want to institute a 401(k) plan or flexible spending account? The PEO will do it. No need for you to figure it out yourself.

If you haven’t considered a PEO as a HR solution perhaps you should.

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